Faculty of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences

Department of
Food Science

Food Science

Exploring safety and new possibilities in the pursuit of food science

The subject of Food Science is that everyday item of ‘food’. The food industry increasingly attracts attention for food safety and other issues, so our objective is to nurture individuals who can be active in this industry.

For this purpose, using the latest technologies such as biotechnology, developments are made in the areas of food processing, storage and distribution technologies. Furthermore, students gain an understanding of the safety and functionality of food, and engage in learning and research related to the maintenance and promotion of health through food and on systems that supply safe and plentiful food.

In order to obtain knowledge and learn about the technologies related to ‘food’, which involves various aspects such as manufacturing, processing and distribution technologies and methods from the molecular level as well as nutrition and hygiene problems, students are involved in lectures and experiments, in addition to training at production plants and food related companies.