Department of Food Science

Food Manufacturing Group

Students learn about various food development, manufacturing and processing technologies. In addition, by working on actual food manufacture during class time, students don’t just gain knowledge, but gain skills that are directly applicable to the food industry.

Field of Food Manufacturing Chemistry

Students gain an understanding of the characteristics of food ingredients and processed food, and develop relevant processing technologies. In addition, students gain a chemical understanding of the principles of processing technologies, and through this they conduct research on the development of new processing technologies.

Field of Food Processing

Students gain an understanding of processing methods, processing fundamentals and ingredient characteristics. They also conduct research and technological development into the transformation of agricultural, livestock and seafood products into superior products and ingredients that are resistant to deterioration or changes in quality.

Field of Food Microbiology

Students gain knowledge about microorganisms used in food manufacture, learn about handling techniques and manufacturing technologies for fermented foods, and conduct research on the development and use of new microorganisms and enzymes for food manufacture.

Field of Food Engineering

Students gain an understanding of the principles of the machinery and apparatus used in the food manufacturing process, and measuring devices for the physical properties of food, as well as learn operating techniques. They also conduct research on new technologies, new machinery and devices for use with food including for waste product processing.