Department of Environmental Science

Department Head’s Message

Head of the Department of Environmental Science

Invitation to Environmental Science

Toru Oi, Professor

Head of the Department of Environmental Science

In the Department of Environmental Science, students learn how human beings and the surrounding environment interact with each other. Furthermore, they develop the capability to evaluate how such interactions will influence people and other living things, and how the entire world will change, while making research into the ways to achieve a sustainable society in the rich global environment that developed within an exquisite balance.
As individuals born on this exceptionally marvelous planet, it is our obligation to develop a respect for the earth and to study the science and technology needed to preserve it. The Department of Environmental Science provides programs to enable students to think flexibly as they look at the environment from a broad perspective, so that they can develop the ability to predict future states based on the fundamental parts of the environment. We look forward to your participation.