Department of Environmental Science

Research Fields

Fundamental Environment Group

Students learn the basics for the scientific study of all aspects of the environment, from learning basic knowledge of the pedosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere, to learning about the mechanisms of resource renewal functions, the environment’s natural cleansing functions and environmental changes due to human activity.

Ecology Group

Students gain basic knowledge about plants, animals and microorganisms, as well as food chains within ecosystems and the connections between human activities and ecosystems. Furthermore, they learn about using the functions of living things for environmental conservation and technologies to restore and maintain ecosystems such as with the creation of biotopes. 

Farmland Environment Group

Students learn about bioresource production and environmental science for sustainable food production, including theories and technologies relating to establishing, maintaining, managing, and preserving production systems and equipment, as well as water use, lifestyle and disaster prevention, with consideration given to the environment.

Regional Environment Group

In order to be able to create local communities that are safe and inviting, students learn about planning, use and management of local resources such as land and water, as well as theories and technologies related to environmental assessment. They also learn about methods for collection and analysis of local environment data.