Faculty of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences

Department of Bioproduction Science

Bioproduction Science

Learning the relationship between living organisms and humans, and developing new production technologies

The Department of Bioproduction Science aims to nurture individuals who will contribute to the development of new production technologies using bioresources and those who will become leaders in the agricultural production field.

Students learn about plants and animals that are deeply connected with our lives. With a broad understanding of the characteristics of these bioresources from the population/individual level to the cellular/molecular/genetic level, students engage in learning and research for the development of production technologies utilizing the latest scientific techniques such as biotechnology.

As part of the curriculum, students study about plants and animals from a basic to an application level, as well as about improvement of production efficiency (including systematization), management of resources and agricultural economics/management problems. In addition, the curriculum contains practical subjects involving experiments and analysis techniques, as well as a number of practicums held at testing and research organizations (such as the Agricultural Research Center) and agricultural production sites.