Department of Bioproduction Science

Department Head’s Message

Head of the Department of Bioproduction Science

Aiming to resolve production issues through
production technologies that coexist with nature

Motohiko Ishida, Professor

Head of the Department of Bioproduction Science

In today’s world, there are concerns about food production, to feed exploding populations with the restricted land available for growing crops, as well as fears of massive extinction of living species on earth due to the impact of greenhouse gases. The earth is indeed in a state of crisis. The Department of Bioproduction Science aims to solve problems like these through the development of innovative agricultural production technologies that coexist with nature. Our education involves a wide variety of research topics, such as molecular-level approaches to elucidate plant physiological phenomena, electron microscopy techniques, environmentally-friendly pest and disease control methods, the effective use of industrial waste products for growing vegetables, milk and meat production through pasturage of sheep on abandoned mountainous farmland, efficient livestock production using assisted reproductive technologies, and the relationship between grain production and energy markets. We also provide students with opportunities for agricultural internships, as well as a laboratory experience program for first-year students. Perhaps you would like to join us in our work to save the earth from crisis.