Department of Bioproduction Science

Research Fields

Biological Sciences Group

Consisting of four basic areas (plant genetics, plant nutrition/physiology, plant protection and phytopathology), students learn about plants from a broad perspective. We aim to nurture individuals who can take full advantage of biotechnology.

Plant Production Group

Students study subjects related to actual plant production such as food crop science and vegetable horticulture as well as orchard horticulture. They learn up-to-the-minute skills for production and technology development.

Animal Production Group

Students learn about animal production basics, all the way through to applications. Specifically, students learn about animal reproduction, in addition to other fields related to animal husbandry such as nutrition and management.

Bioresource Management Group

Students learn about plant/animal production, management of natural resources such as land and water, agricultural economics/management, promotion of local agriculture, distribution of farm products, agricultural policy, issues in developing countries and global agricultural issues, all from an economic and production systems perspective.