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A library filled with specialist books right through to magazines, also available for public access

The Library is situated straight through from the main gate. It is a bright and airy space with large windows that let the light shine through.

The library has approximately 88,000 books and 1,400 magazine and journal titles centered on the specialist areas of agriculture, food and biotechnology, freely available to be accessed by students. The center’s computers can be used to search not only the University’s collection but also the collections of libraries in Ishikawa Prefecture and other university’s libraries, and thus items not on-site can be interloaned. There is also a media corner where videos and DVDs can be viewed.

The study space near the windows is used by students in their free time between or after classes for report writing, preparation and review.

The Library is also open to the local public, and access is given to those 15 years and over who live, work or study in Ishikawa Prefecture.


Books Approx. 88,000
Magazines Approx. 1,400 titles
Audiovisual resources Approx. 1,000 titles

AV resources such as DVDs are to be used in the library booths.
(Resources brought in from laboratories may not be supported)


  • Head of Library: 1 (also on teaching staff)
  • Library staff: 3