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University Farm

Fields for hands-on learning of agriculture’s present and future

Taking the physical measurements of a sheep to ascertain its nutritional status

The University Farm is an area next to the Research Institute for Bioresources and Biotechnology, consisting of fields for hands-on learning. In addition to 3 ha of agricultural land (1 ha rice paddies, 1 ha fields, 1 ha orchards), there are also nine hothouses and a barn for livestock practicums. Students experience the planting and harvesting of a range of plants from vegetables and ornamental plants/flowers to fruit, as well as caring for livestock. We hope that through being involved in actual production, students can learn about the latest agricultural technologies. Furthermore, these areas are open to students to grow their own fruit and vegetables.

  • A: Practical experience useful in agricultural management is widely available, from driving a tractor to milling rice.
  • B: A variety of vegetables are grown in the large hothouse facilities.
  • C: A hothouse with a variety of flowers blooming, which even do well in winter.
  • D: Using cultivated rice plants, students research environmental resistance and quality etc, with utilization possible in future agribusiness areas.
  • E: Carefully checking the growth of ornamental plants/flowers grown in the hothouse, for application to future research/development.

Main agricultural crops/animals at the University Farm

Rice paddies Rice
Upland fields under paddy-upland rotation Soybeans
Upland field cropping Daikon radish, carrot, eggplant, green onion, onion, Chinese cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, prince melon, sweet potato and white potato crops
Indoor horticulture Cyclamen, pansy, tomato and cucumber crops
Orchard Nashi pears, grapes, apples, chestnuts and persimmons
Barn Sheep