University Farm

Message from Head of University Farm

Motohiko Ishida, Professor

No textbook can teach you what you will learn here!

Motohiko Ishida, Professor

Head of University Farm

By seeing rice plants, vegetables and animals up close, students can participate in practical learning – things they won’t learn from textbooks. It is truly ‘seeing is believing’. In the ‘Farm Practicum’ of second year, the students are divided into small groups and experience a range of activities from rice planting and thinning vegetables to producing feed crops and the management of animals. There are many students for whom it is a new experience, however everyone has a great time. It is compulsory for students from the Department of Bioproduction Science, however I would love to see students from other departments participating too. In order to carry out your research, knowing your crops is extremely important. Seeing the vegetables and fruit at the supermarket is not enough - it is important to see the plants in their own environment and understand how they grow and bear fruit.