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Liberal Arts Education Center

To acquire the ability to look at things with a multidisciplinary approach, to make one’s own assessments and to become well-rounded

Ishikawa Prefectural University has a wide variety of Liberal Arts subjects available so that students can acquire the skills to deal with and solve issues they are confronted with, as well as become well-rounded.

The base for this is the Liberal Arts Education Center. Specifically, this means subjects in a range of fields such as humanities/social science subjects for acquiring basic skills, subjects for physical and mental health, languages such as English for cultivating communication skills between different cultures, and information processing subjects. In addition, so that students can improve their basic academic skills and transition smoothly to specialized subjects, we have a comprehensive selection of subjects for students to gain a foundation in biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics. Furthermore, we offer the subjects necessary to obtain a teacher’s license (Type 1 teaching certificate for high school in science and agriculture).