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Scientific Cooperation Center for Industry Academia and Government

Coordinators for connecting University, companies and research institutions

We believe that one of the major roles of our University is to cooperate with local government and related organizations as well as local companies, to promote the development of new businesses and new products. The Scientific Cooperation Center for Industry Academia and Government is situated in the same building as the Research Institute for Bioresources and Biotechnology, and our objective is to contribute to the community and promote industry-academia-government cooperation for greater links with the local community and local companies. Specifically, as the point of call for questions and requests from companies and other organizations, we aim to gain a clear understanding of the request and to arrange the most suited university researcher to solve the problem, or otherwise refer the client to researchers at public testing institutes or other universities. In addition, in cases where we believe local government involvement is also necessary, we coordinate this process. Through our cooperation with the neighboring Ishikawa University Cooperation Business Incubator i-BIRD, we are involved in a range of coordination and support activities.

Main roles

  • Promoting close cooperation with the local community, and providing support for the development and improvement of the local community
  • Fielding inquiries for joint research, commissioned research, scholarship donations, and technical consultation, as well as drawing up agreements
  • Follow-up of research etc as part of agreements
  • Transfer of technology of research results (transfer/implementation of patent rights) and follow-ups
  • Organization of public lectures and research results presentation meetings
  • Public openings of laboratories and research facility guidance

Overview of cooperation between the Center and companies/organizations

Joint research

Joint research

This refers to research in which researchers from external organizations (companies etc) work together on equal terms with University teaching staff on a common topic.

Commissioned Research

This refers to research in which a topic has been received from an external organization (company etc), and it is carried out by assigned University teaching staff who then report the results.

Please note:
Requests for joint or commissioned research are subject to a process of evaluation by the University’s approval body, which reviews the research topic, details and implementation capacity. Formalities including agreement signing are also required. All research expenses shall be borne by the person/organization commissioning the research.

Scholarship donations

This refers to donations that the University receives from external organizations (companies etc) for the enhancement or promotion of academic/educational research.

Main research fields that the Center can support

  • Development and selection of new crops
  • Propagation/breeding of plants using tissue culture systems
  • Cultivation of agricultural crops and fruit trees, diagnosis of pests and their prevention/eradication
  • Livestock technology, breeding of livestock/poultry
  • Stimulation of the agricultural, forestry and fishery industries
  • Development of functional foods
  • Food processing and freshness preservation technologies
  • Food hygiene/safety/reliability, food analysis
  • Soil and fertilizer; irrigation, drainage, greening, water quality preservation
  • Use of biomass
  • Preventing generation of waste products and waste product processing, using plants for environmental restoration
  • Effective use of plant genes
  • Food applications of microbial enzymes
  • DNA analysis technologie

Support Projects

(Commissioned by the Japan Association for Techno-innovation in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries)

How patents are handled

  • As a general rule, patent rights arising as a result of commissioned research remain the rights of Ishikawa Prefectural Public University Corporation. Within ten years of the patent application, patent rights remaining with the university corporation may be licensed with preference to the organization who commissioned the research or someone of their choosing.
  • The quota for patent rights as a result of joint research is decided according to the joint patent application agreement signed before filing the patent application. Note that in regards to instances where the person or organization requesting the research has relinquished acquisition of patent rights, the said patent rights may be licensed with preference to the said person or organization requesting the research or someone of their choosing within ten years of the patent application being filed.


Scientific Cooperation Center for Industry Academia and Government,
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