Graduate School

Structure of the Graduate School and Divisions (Majors)

The Graduate School aims to contribute to the community, make new developments in bioresources and environmental sciences, and conduct highly specialized education and research.

Creating new values with which humans and nature can coexist

Conventional social systems in which limited resources have been used for mass production and mass consumption have resulted in a range of global problems such as food shortages and environmental destruction as a side effect of material wealth. Our mission is to solve these problems and create a sustainable society where humans and nature can coexist. In April 2009 our University established the Graduate School of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences in order to meet the need for individuals with advanced, specialized knowledge, with our fundamental ideology being ‘creating new values with which humans and nature can coexist’. The Graduate School aims to nurture individuals with the qualities to play leading roles in the development of the local community and companies, and who are capable of creating and fostering intellectual assets. It also intends to make social contributions, such as via industry-academia cooperation, which will be increasingly required.

Master’s Degree Courses (Two years)

Division of Bioproduction Science

Producing specialists in bioproduction and increased food production

Based on the undergraduate education from our University’s Department of Bioproduction Science which aims to nurture individuals who can work in areas such as production technology development using useful bioresources such as plants and animals, and the development of cooperative community farming and large-scale agriculture, students acquire the ability to set their own goals, define problems and work on solutions. We aim to produce specialists who can work in the area of bioproduction and increased food production, which is compatible with both ecosystems and socioeconomic systems as well as the sustainability and diversity of living organisms.

Research fields
Plant production fundamentals, Plant production, Animal production, Bioresource management

Division of Environmental Science

Examining relationships between environmental and ecological systems, and humans

In this Division, education and research aims to restore and conserve natural environments, and create a safe and comfortable society where nature and humans can coexist. We aim to develop specialist technicians who, in cooperation with environmental experts, can fully understand the relationships between the ecosystem and human activities.

Research fields
Environmental analysis, Conservation of biological environments, Management of production environments, Regional environmental systems

Division of Food Science

Contributing to the establishment of a total food support system

Based on fundamental knowledge of the latest food science and technology (such as biotechnology), this Division conducts education and research on food analysis at the molecular level, as well as food development, processing, quality maintenance, functionality and safety. We aim to nurture highly specialized, creative-thinking technicians who can contribute to the establishment of a total food support system.

Research fields
Biomolecular function, Food manufacturing, Food function, Food safety

Division of Applied Life Science

Improving the function of plants and microorganisms from a bio perspective

This Division conducts bioscience research related to the molecular-level analysis and deeper understanding of the life mechanisms of plants and microorganisms. In addition, we work on applying the research results to food and medicine, as well as new biotechnology developments. In this way, we nurture specialists who can contribute to the revitalization of the bioresource industry and development of the local community.

Research fields
Plant genetic functions, Plant cell technology, microorganism function, Environmental biology systems

Doctoral Degree Course (Three years)

Division of Sciences for Bioproduction and the Environment

Cooperating with research and education organizations as an agricultural graduate school

As the only agricultural graduate school in Ishikawa Prefecture, we promote fundamental research related to local bioproduction, and the maintenance/conservation of local agriculture and the environment. We look at various issues with an international and interdisciplinary perspective, and search for solutions to suit the community. We are also active in joint research projects and interactions with research and educational institutions.

Research fields
Bioproduction, Environmental science

Division of Sciences for Biofunction Development

Working in the world of new bioscience and biotechnology

This Division aims to be a center for bioscience, food science and biotechnology education and research. In order to produce new bioresources, our research involves searching for unknown genes in plants and microorganisms, and the latest research related to food functions.

Research fields
Food Science, Biofunctions