Graduate School

Message from the President

Naoko Nishizawa

A Graduate School in touch with people
by being deeply rooted in the community

Naoko Nishizawa

President of Ishikawa Prefectural University

The Graduate School of Ishikawa Prefectural University, namely the Graduate School of Bioresources and Environmental Sciences, is still a young graduate school, having only been established in April 2009. Our students build on the knowledge gained in the undergraduate faculty, to acquire more specialized and advanced knowledge and the ability to apply this knowledge. Our objective is thus to nurture individuals with these skills, so that they can become useful additions to research institutions and companies. Our fundamental ideology is ‘creating new values with which humans and nature can coexist’, and thus we focus on investigating ‘the principle of living organisms’, ‘the principle of nature’ and ‘the principle of humans’. There are many issues that we as a society are currently confronted with. In particular, there are those that were highlighted by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami of 2011, such as the construction of safe living environments, energy supply, an aging society, as well as the reliable supply of safe food. It is thought important to develop principles to solve these problems and to use these new principles for problem-solving in the future.

If you have a passion for research, we hope to see you here at our Graduate School, so your vision can be realized.