Doctoral Degree’s Courses

Division of Sciences for Biological Function

Working in the world of new bioscience and biotechnology

In this Division, based on the ‘Principle of Coexistence’ aiming to achieve a lasting and sustainable existence for mankind, we search for unknown useful genes of plants and microorganisms, develop new biotechnologies with genetic modification and gene transfer, and create new bioresources to avoid resource depletion. In the research area of food function, students conduct leading research centered on biotechnology. They acquire the ability to independently identify research issues and solve problems. In this way, we nurture specialist research leaders who can take a leading role in the revitalization of local industry, and can be active internationally.

Through these education and research activities, the Division of Sciences for Biological Function at Ishikawa Prefectural University aims to become the center for life science and food science research in the community.

In order to achieve the above, two research fields have been set up in the Division of Sciences for Biological Function as the basic units for education and research.

Food Science Research Field

Based on progress in recent years in terms of molecular biology and instrumental analysis, this field focuses on deepening the scientific awareness of food as well as promoting the active research of food for the purpose of maintaining and enhancing health in light of an aging society. In addition, students gain an understanding of the action mechanisms of the various functions of food, search for new mechanisms, develop new food ingredients, and gain an understanding of the various factors necessary for the effective manifestation of these functions in our daily diets. Education and research is also conducted for the purpose of analysis of the risk factors in food manufacturing processes, development of control technologies and the establishment of healthy food habits. On the topic of food processing technologies, leading research is actively promoted for the purpose of logical analysis of existing technologies, the discovery of new technologies and theories and the development of new foods based on new principles. Research is conducted on the effective use of unused or underutilized resources, through the use of biotechnology, as well as education and research on the manufacture of safe, high quality foods. We hope to educate advanced technical experts and researchers who have the ability to become leaders in these fields.

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Biofunction Research Field

Research in this field involves pursuing the basic principles of plant totipotency and searching for the productivity of useful substances in plants. It also involves the search for the universality/diversity of genomes and genes in plants, aimed at industrial applications such as material supply and manufacture for food and pharmaceutical products. Students gain an understanding of biological phenomena at a molecular, cell and individual level with the use of the latest biotechnologies, as well as of basic principles of molecular mechanisms for the environmental response systems of microorganisms. Education and research is focused on searching for the useful functions of microorganisms applicable to industries related to food and the environment, and in particular it is aimed at understanding metabolic mechanisms at a molecular and cell level. In the course of these activities, we educate individuals who can take leading roles in local industries.

Teaching Staff