Doctoral Degree’s Courses

Division of Sciences for Bioproduction and Environment

Cooperating with research and education organizations as an agricultural graduate school

In this Division, the focus is on looking at the various problems that have been thrown at human society, from a broad international perspective, and pursuing methods for solving the problems suited to the community. In particular, as Ishikawa Prefecture’s only agricultural graduate school, we actively promote fundamental research related to local bioproduction, and the maintenance and conservation of the local environment, in addition to our aim of contributing to the community through joint research and interactive activities with testing and research organizations and education institutions both within and outside Ishikawa Prefecture.

In order to achieve the above, two research fields have been set up in the Division of Sciences for Biological Function as the basic units for education and research.

Bioproduction Science Research Field

In this research field, students work on the development of new food resources based on biodiversity, as well as the establishment of effective production technology systems for existing bioresources. In particular, students gain an understanding (at the cell/individual level or population level) using the latest technologies, of the interactions between crops/livestock (in a broad sense, bioresources) and the environment. In addition, research is actively promoted in which contributions can be made to the sophistication, enhanced efficiency and stabilization of sustainable agricultural production. Students learn the fundamental ideology of the Principle of Coexistence to achieve a lasting and sustainable existence for mankind, and furthermore, this field involves education and research with the aim of educating leaders in specialist technical research who can carry out leadership roles independently, with the ability to set goals, identify problems and provide solutions.

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Environmental Science Research Field

This research field focuses on the various issues including: the conservation, management and cyclical use of local resources for the purpose of realizing a society in which nature and humans can coexist; use and management of farmland for the purpose of sustainable food production with ecosystem conservation in mind; local environment management compatible with an aging society; and the development of environmental conservation technologies that use new technologies such as biotechnology. This research field involves education and research with the aim of educating leaders in specialist technical research who further develop their goals from the Master’s Degree Course Division of Environmental Science, gain the ability to independently identify and solve problems, develop unique research fields related to environmental science, and who are able to use their leadership role in the conservation and management of local environments.

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