Campus Life

Campus Calendar

  • 5th (Fri) Admission Ceremony
  • New Student Orientation
  • First Semester classes begin
  • 29th (Wed) Anniversary of University Founding
  • First Semester Exams
  • Summer Break
  • 3rd (Sat) Open Campus
  • 30th (Fri) 3rd year Transfer Student Exams
  • 30th (Fri), 31st (Sat) Graduate School Entrance Exams
  • Second Semester classes begin
  • 26th (Sat), 27th (Sun) Kyoryokusai (Campus Festival)
  • Homecoming Day
  • Welcome Party
  • 16th (Sat) Entrance exams (by recommendation)
  • Winter Break
  • 1st (Sat) Privately financed international student exams, Graduate School entrance exams (Second round)
  • Second Semester exams
  • 25th (Tues) General Entrance Exams First session
  • Spring Break 12th (Wed) General Entrance Exams Second session
  • 21st (Fri) Graduation Ceremony / Academic Award Ceremony

Clubs and Circles

Groups active in 2013

(excludes new groups who applied this year)

Sports Groups

Name Activities
Rubber-ball Baseball Club Rubber-ball baseball
Softball Club Softball
Tennis Circle Tennis
Soft Tennis Circle Soft tennis
Track and Field Club Track and field
Badminton Club Badminton
Futsal Club Futsal
Women’s Volleyball Club Volleyball
Men’s Volleyball Club Volleyball
Women’s Basketball Club Basketball
Men’s Basketball Club Basketball
Table Tennis Club Table tennis
Japanese Archery Club Japanese archery
Slacklining Club Slacklining (rope walking)
New Sports Research Club  
Dance Club  
Ski Circle Skiing

Culture Groups

Name Activities
Wind Instrument Ensemble Playing wind instruments
Light Music Club Playing light music
Choir Enjoyment of singing
Agricultural Student Army ‘Agri’ Growing veggies/agricultural assistance
Biotope Research Club Creation/survey of biotopes
Microorganism Research Club Activities/experiments related to microorganisms
Ishiru Fish Sauce Circle Making ishiru fish sauce and creating recipes
Volunteer Circle for Kids Planning and organizing events for kids
Flower Arrangement Circle Ohara School Ikebana (flower arranging)
Art Creation Circle Drawing pictures and self-publication

Activities and News from our Clubs and Circles

Clubs and Circles

Clubs and Circles

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Clubs and Circles

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Clubs and Circles

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